Professional Development -> assessment intro / possible activities

Let me tell you a story. Last night, I tried to organize my content that I have collected on assessment. I felt like I missed something. Attention grabber, a hook or a good lead. Should I use a video, any Harvey pictures? When I kept thinking about it, my son came to my desk, asking “papa what are you doing?”

That is when I had I-got-an-idea moment. How about I found the three-year-old boy’s perception on assessment? So I asked him the definition of assessment. Let’s listen to his response.

Let me tell you a story II. I came back home with wife. My three year old son run toward me. Pa pa. It is the happiest moment within anyways now a day. I played with him almost three hours. As soon as he fall sleep, I will wake up and write something. That is my as soon as moment. But I fall asleep very often only to find out to wake up next morning. No miracle for me like the author of Harry Potter. I am not a great storyteller, either. I just need to work on my English and Grammar.
I have to write total 5 proposals. Two for conference papers, two for journals, and one for grant. I am going to do this before December. I am not going to have extra time for writing something while I trip with my wife and boy.

I have to agree with Sherrie. The more specific the place you write about, the more universal the themes can be. I think Agatha Christie’s character Miss Marple always said that everything she needed to know about human behavior, she learned in a tiny English village– that is was a microcosm of the larger world. Take heart and keep going!

This quote can be a great explanation to talk about universal design and individual psychology. Universal design is misleading term as it does not imply one-size-fit-all policy. Rather, it reminds us that we should focus on each unique individual as each one of us represents universe. The number of one person’s newton is almost 100 billion neurons in the brain.

I am korean. And I have one theory. That is Koreans are not good at kissing. Because we don’t have th sound. We don’t need to stick out our tongue to pronounce the Korean Alphabet. So the other day when my wife told me that I am not a good kisser, I blamed our alphabet system. Why no th sound in our Alphabet?

PowerPoint Design / code hater – udl and accessiblity
code lover – accessilbity and udl

Beginning activity

Ethan’s response
Funny commics
I watch the baby disabled babies can help he’s younger brother he can be
(영상 출처= 유튜브 Katie Whiddon, 인스타그램 katiewhiddon)
출처 : SBS 뉴스
원본 링크 :


list a name of accessiblities symptoms to show that every one is going to belong to (I got this idea from David Burn, a guru of accessiblity 3 play media webinar. His presentaiton is awesome.)

6 seconds (조벽교수님) – ask students to take a breath in and out for 6 seconds

Middle activity

pam touching (Joseph Kim) activity (14:19)

End activity

close puzzle

스토리로 시작해서 네 이름을 맨 나중에… (플립클래스룸에 영감받앗다고 드립치고…내 이름은 맨 나중에 넣는다…프리젠테이션에 2가지 코드 러버 와 넌코더…넌코더는

유니버설 디자인부터 시작해서

So even though I am a boring according to my wife, I don’t want to make my presentation boring I think and presentation should be entertaining that’s what I’m thinking. Well well well what should I do if that is the case
papa? Papa…(호야가 중간에 기어듬)
So I am thinking one of the downside of using PowerPoint is it can be very lenient presentation although it has a powerful function called hyperlink how many of you use a power hope so considering our audience I’m going to give you a choice for those of you consider yourself as cold or cold lover raise your hand

Those of you consider yourself as a cold heater off Jagan heater raise your head OK so if called Heather is majority in this audience so I’m going to give you I’ll choose called out of prison called present first hall I know if I do this you’re going to hate me so I don’t hate me a lot of people hate me already including blah blah blah

I watch the baby disabled babies can help he’s younger brother he can be used to my accessibility for presentations and I am watching President Obama’s speech and get an idea of that occur without considering the
Let me elaborate. Accessiblity is like an effort to make healthy food without putting msg. Of course, it takes more time and energy. At the end, it is better.
accessibility is a similiar effort to cooking we’ve been messaging the kind of idea
Accessibility is not for people with disability accessibility is issue is for everyone trying to create consider the accessibility is like out cooking without using emissivity to create to make healthy food hi my name is Sammy Hwang I am university I’m in instructional designer from University of Houston today’s topic is it as I said is Tyler of this presentation is access and success minded fool website and the objective of this presentation is three things first what accessibility means for those of you who don’t know anything about accessibility I will assure you that on the second I will talk about why accessibility matters from business and from business reasons historical reasons and look at issues from legal perspective and third hour show you the data that I have collected and especially I want to focus on this presentation website because it isn’t urgent issue right love boo

before again before I get into this puppy I just want to do some simple activity okay just like to see you guys. Love each other and I like color person is the pepper and that color was listening and listen or dictate close your eyes and the temper make up mind and create a song of your favorite song and then copy stock and then let’s find out how many of the listener can catch your conversation but he meant it so I want to still go to this project it is to show that how difficult it is the communication and I’m going to relink this activity to our topic later on

Cool OK are you guys how many people need done more time OK OK so call OK got it so it is hard isn’t it it is not that easy accessibility is experiencing the same thing it is fundamentally communication issue between people oh OK this is an idea for second topic this is an idea for

OK I want you to do a simple activity with me so first thing it’s very simple first thing is take a deep breath five seconds and let you know how her and close your eyes and listen to the list or I’m going to share and feet for you think you are belong to any category okay the list goes like are you blind are you deaf are you listen learning activities are you disabilities do you mobile or disability are you getting bored do you have company difficult do you have list goes on and on and on



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